The pink of her cheeks,
The softness of new baby skin,
Rosebud-colored lips framing her mouth,
Deep chocolate-black hair, smooth and fine,
Tiny fingers wrapped around mine,
Blue-black eyes open, not seeing,
Ears hear my voice, head turns my way,
She’s pulling my finger, her mouth to taste;
Void of the nectar her mom holds for her.
Room full of family waiting, their turn to hold,
This precious child is one of their fold
Only days old, her future is planned
Nursery at home waits for her presence with gifts
Crib filled with white teddy and blankets of pink ruffles
Bella, she is and Bella’s her name
This family’s world no longer the same.


© 2017 Kathleen J Kidder
8/5/2017 Hour Ten – Half Marathon

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