Forty or Timeless?

“Father Time” is NOT:

the gentleman I thought he was,

as I timeless as I thought,

kind to 30-year-olds, or 50-year-olds, or 70-year-olds.

He was kind to 40-year-olds!

40 was my best year in human terms,

and that was many years ago, truth be told.

But, who tells the truth about age, anyway!!

My conclusion is

“Father Time” is an evil, man-made idol

To steal from thinking minds,

Taking away their ability

to perceive the beauty of

the timelessness we really live in.

If a believer is given

Eternal Life through

believing what

the creator of time said,

the only measure of time is


He, God, the Father who

Does not slide down

a tower in a ball of lights,

dressed in white robes with

a staff and a long white beard,

sent His Son to free us,

Free us from Time so we

Can live forever in

His realm.

Therefore, and hereafter,

numbers don’t matter to anyone but people.

That makes ME timeless!!



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