Old Photos


How can I make my family photo albums?

I thought it would be easy.

Take a picture and download, edit, print.


Then, I found

Undeveloped film



Kingston sticks

Now what?

What do I do now?

If you can help me with this problem,

then maybe you can tell me

How can I get all my photos in one place?

Right now, I have photos

On my phone,

On my tablet

On my husband’s computer

On the cloud

On Google Drive

On Instagram

On Facebook.

Now what?

I’m sure they are great pictures,

But for now,

I have to work from memory.

One thought on “Old Photos

  1. This is a really interesting problem to present – that the memories may exist in too many places to actually be accessible? I never even considered how much simply it would’ve been to just have one copy of something, it was tangible, and now people are posting every day of their lives in seven different places. I think it’s good and bad – to have this record. Lovely poem.

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