Note: 100 non-repeated words.

There was a time,

when she was my friend.

Long before she was controlled by man

Before governments could bend and mold her

Time was different then.

Instead of linear, she was deep

Time wasn’t rushed; she had purpose

She had scope

And could move mountains

She lived and breathed

Like all things,

Time aged.

She let me play in the soft folds

Of her wrinkles

As I dreamt and read, imagining until

One day,..

or Hour,



– why did man split you into unreasonable units

Was it man’s doing, or yours, Time?

Did you have this idea to make me miss you, to want you back?

To punish me with late and early,

Time after time?

I digress –

And I start again.

Then one day,

Try as I might to hold onto her,

to turn her back,

She escaped me and I lost time forever

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