Poem #12

Why do they hate me?

I am still trying to figure out why they hate me so much
I know my hair is bold and nappy and will never straighten out
Without chemicals and heat
But why do I need it to?
it is thick and full and I have the privilege to style it however I want

I know my lips are full but they help me to speak
Words of love in every poem I write
I know my fingers are long but strong
They help me to hold onto all the dreams when I snatch them
Out of the clouds and serve them up on the plate for all humanity to see

I know my body is not the model size
But it has born three brown babies who have excelled
In school and in life
and so I love all the places where they made me thick
Left me adequately full
Full enough to teach them compassion
Full enough to be softhearted when so much of the world
Is bitter and irate

I am trying to understand why they hate me so much
Why the thought of me standing up for myself
Or even taking a knee would threaten some mysterious thing about
Who they are
Who they perceive themselves to be
Who they don’t want me to be in this world
But it is not up to them to decide

I have been planted by the waters of life
I am meant to live
I am meant to grow despite the knife they stick in my back
Despite the knee they place on my neck
I am meant to thrive
I am meant to breathe

I know my mind is brilliant and that my heart is pure
I know that I can collect butterflies when I send out the message
Of love
I pray that their worms of hate will never swallow it up
that my words will not return to me void
that they have power every time they are read
I do not know why they hate me so much
Perhaps it is because I am so beautiful within

10 thoughts on “Poem #12

  1. Thanks Britton. I have been trying not to write politically motivated poetry but sometimes it has been “too much” and so I do have a few pieces. I still choose to write about love. Thanks for reading! Peace my friend.

  2. You are beautiful within and without – and I feel so deeply sorry for anyone who can’t perceive that. There is such a strength within you here – and a celebration of all that makes you a remarkable individual. And this does remind me – in its sense of joy and celebration – of ‘Phenomenal Woman’ by Maya Angelou; you have a mighty voice!

  3. The poet is mystified — why do they hate her? She considers the many irrelevant reasons without finding an answer. No reason makes any sense as being the one but she arrives at a possible reason. An eloquent statement. I wish we did know the reason. Maybe we’d have a better chance of resolving it.

  4. Oh YES, it has to be the love you are so full of. Reflecting on what others think as calmly as you are doing here makes it easier for your reader to read and hopefully learn to appreciate all people.

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