6th – Letter from the past

Hello my old friend

It has been forty years

Man that will bring you to tears

How long has it been since we talked

Or even long, together walked

I miss you

Our friendship was true

How has life, you, treated?

Are you seated?

I am sorry I stopped writing

Mom and dad were fighting

And I ran away

I have just come to my senses today

Remember where we used to play after school

And how we thought we were so cool

I hope to hear back from you

Because our friendship was true


3 thoughts on “6th – Letter from the past

  1. This has me thinking “If this love is true, why does it feel like there is some kind of void between you two? 40 years is a bit of a while. Is it not easier to pick up the phone and call? Or too much change such that it jist doesn’t feel simple to call? or they’re not around anymore?” Whats up? 🤧

    1. Ivan, I was/am a military brat and I once had a friend named Tia, we were best friends… We tried to write each other but after a couple years we lost touch when her teenage years hit. My dad had retired after 22 years in the service and her dad stayed in several years after my dad, so addresses got lost along the wayside. One of her last letters to me she had run away from home, and I have been trying to find her ever since to no avail I assume she burnt all her past bridges. 🙁

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