Proceed With Caution Poem 16/Hour 16

Proceed With Caution 

By: LuvMiFreely 

I’m often perceived as quiet

Shy and meek

People like to try me 

Taking my kindness for weakness

I normally take the high road

I don’t like to argue 

But what you might not know

My words will destroy you 

They cut like a knife

I aim to hurt feelings

You’ll see a side of me that can”t be deemed as innocent 

Watch how you talk to me 

Tread lightly when you speak

Coming for me will turn ugly 

I promise you would never want to witness that day 

If you came with a warning, what would your label say?

2 thoughts on “Proceed With Caution Poem 16/Hour 16

  1. Nice and real. Not much of that in this world.

    “I am highly intuitive and tactlessly (sometimes) honest. I don’t know how to sugar coat or deliver soft blows. The truth is all I know. And even though it may hurt or sting for a little, in the end you will grow. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.”
    Can’t say I didn’t warn you:

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