Midnight Blues on Jazzy Day

Poem 12

Midnight Blues On a Jazzy Day

By: Ashley L Powers


I remember sitting at this spoken word café

Sitting there all by myself

Sipping on my mocha

Snapping my finger and clapping my hands

Listening to everyone who stepped up on that stage

I sat back listening to everything they had to say

I listened to every detail

Wondering if I might find an answer to life

In someone else’s story

But no one seems to answer what I questioned

But the sound of their voices were so soothing

It kept me in a daze

Made me so happy

But then a breath of fresh air hit the stage

And it caught me off guard

I jumped up and sat straight

Because he had my attention

The words flowing outta his mouth

Soaked into my soul

I could understand everything he was saying

I looked at his brown skin

His long locs

That goatee

He kept me so intrigued

Looking at his juicy lips

Just watching the words roll off his tongue


That’s all I could say

Muscular built

Watched as his arms moved in a rhythm

Watched as his form took over my mind

And I wanted my body to connect with him

He was speaking of love

Speaking know how hard it is to find

And how hard it is to keep it

With every letter I was spelling out what he was saying

He spoke on how at night he longed for someone to be by his side

Someone to hold and tell that he loved her

He spoke of how he would make her feel

That he would make her feel like a queen

And it felt like he was calling out my name

The jazz music connected our souls

Had me swaying to his tone

Man I think I’m in love

IN LOVE with the midnight blues he was speaking

Had me feeling like Lauryn Hill

Damn he was killing me softly

As if he had been a spy

Watching my whole life

And as he stood on that stage

He was speaking my life with the most beautiful sound flowing with it

As if my life didn’t have any flaws

He had me wrapped up in his every movement

His every sway and when out eyes connected

He smiled as if he knew I was in love with him

The jazz music played On and On and my soul was melting into its melody

His midnight blues had me on this jazzy day

When he ended what he had to say

He looked out into the audience

The music came to a sharp end

He looked right at me

Smiled and said Will you be my queen

On that jazzy day

I fell in love with the midnight blues

Finish Line

Poem 11

Finish Line

By: Ashley L Powers


I can see it

This journey was bittersweet

Unclogged my mind

Allowed me to spill my thoughts

True freedom

It’s so close

I can feel it

I accepted the challenge

I killed it

One more poem to go

The checker flags are waving

It’s over


Self Love

Poem 10

Self Love

By: Ashley L Powers

I’m proud of who I am

The woman before you has been through many trials

Had to fall on my face numerous times

But each time taught me a lesson

Not ashamed of my failures

Each time presented a challenge

And every time I accepted them

Fought through them

And came out victorious

I had to learn to love myself

Because if I didn’t

How was I going to know if others really loved me

The end result is the woman standing before you

Shattered but never broken

Damaged but not destroyed


Poem 9


By: Ashley L Powers






Frequencies freely flowing



Reclaiming everything once stolen



Positive vibes


Exiting the matrix

Joyous moments


All the things needed to take back…..


….my inner peace ☮️


Poem 8

Quickie ((WARNING….if poems like this make you uncomfortable please skip)) 

By: Ashley L Powers


Our eyes meet

And I get chills down my spine

I close my eyes and dream of you

Your hands on my thighs 

My body shakes at the thought of you

Wondering what you feel like 

Grey sweatpants 

Your imprint 

The only thing on my mind

Lusting, trust me 

I can imagine you thrusting…

…whew damn now I’m mesmerized


Wet dreams

And I’m at my peak

Temperature rising 

I would be lying 

If I said you didn’t bring out my inner freak 

Open my eyes 

And to my surprise

We’re face to face 

My back against the bathroom stall

Nails in your back

You deep inside me

Giving me your all 

I release 

You release 

Our energies connect 

You and I both can’t deny 

Us together….

Creates some bomb ass sex

I wipe the lip gloss from your lips 

And I fix my hair

We straighten up our clothes 

Sneaking out the bathroom…. 


…..back to work we go 

Show Me ((Will You Love Me?))

Poem 7

Show Me ((Will You Love Me?))

By: Ashley L Powers


It’s just me, my pen, and my thoughts

It’s one of those days where tears fill my eyes

And my heart weighs a ton

Where are you because I need you

I need to hear you tell me everything will be okay

I want for you to look at me with all my scars and my broken heart

And tell me that you’ll stay

I don’t want the make believe

Spare me the fairy tales

Don’t sell me a dream

I want you to give me your all

I need you to love me with every fiber of your being

I need to know you will love me when things get too hard to bare

I need you, but I need to know that you care

I need you to love me for me

Will you be there to take care of me?

If I hit rock bottom and all I have to offer is my love

Would you stay with me?

I’m not perfect

But I’m definitely worth it

I truly need you to love me because I deserve it

I promise that I would give you everything inside of me

But only if you show me that you’ll worth it

Everyone else folded

Damaged me and left me broken

Are you willing to love all my broken pieces?

Are you patient enough to help me heal?

Are you willing to show me how real love feels?

I know I’m probably asking for too much

But I need reassurance

That if I give you my mind, body, and soul

You won’t hurt me

Be Careful

Poem 6

Be Careful

By: Ashley L Powers


Be careful what you pray for

Prayed to God to feel loved by a man like you

He placed you in my life

And what did you do?

You destroyed me

So God replaced you

In return gave me a miniature version that carries the same name as you


God that was a petty move


I guess next time I’ll be a little more thorough when I talk to you

Frozen in Time

Poem 5

Frozen in Time 

By: Ashley L Powers


Every time I close my eyes 

I remember you in your last days 

Your eyes big with fright 

Tears streaming down your face

I remember it like it happened yesterday

The day cancer took you away


…..Memories I wish could be erased 

Inspiration From Millie

Poem 4

Inspiration From Millie



A physical representation of how life unfolds

A visual of how life can make you feel so small

Proof that before you walk you gotta crawl

Most times the ones around you don’t see your worth

They tend to overlook you

They feel you’re not that important on this Earth

Often times they reject you

Still you strive to evolve

You know your journey isn’t over

Even if you have to travel alone

You continue to push forward

As life takes it twist and turns

God promised you new beginnings

This is the moment you learned

About His promises of a beautiful ending

When everyone doubted you

God didn’t bat an eye

He said when I’m done with you

My dear girl you will surely fly

When the world turned away

God stayed

Spun you in His finest silk

Asked you to trust Him and be patient

When you rose again

You didn’t even recognize your own reflection

You may have fell down 9 times, got back up on 10

The world tried to steal your joy but He wouldn’t let them

God knew your worth when you didn’t

Elevated your life to show you that you were different

He changed your life even when you thought He wouldn’t

He designed you to stand out, not to fit in


….Soar high beautiful butterfly


Thank you for calling me your butterfly 🦋

You gave me strength to believe in my growth

Thank you for always seeing my worth

Love you ❤️

A Conversation with my Father

Poem 3

A Conversation with my Father

By: Ashley L Powers



Can you hear me?

It’s your daughter

And I need to speak to you

Father, can we talk for a moment?

I need to spill my heart to you

I’m lost

I’m hurting deep within

My life is in shambles

I don’t even know how or where to begin

The Devil is in overdrive

Ripping my life to shreds

He knows I’m at my lowest

He’s doing everything to push me over the edge

I laugh to keep from crying

When I cry I tend to explode

Lord I’m tired of fighting

I know I can’t get through this alone

I’m sorry I shut you out

You’ve been trying to reach my heart

I let all of the pain cloud me with doubt

Please forgive me for not turning to You from the start

This battle is not mines

You’ve been trying to make me see

The Devil is trying to fill my heart with lies

But I know in Your hands I can be free

Father, can you please take the shackles from my feet?

I’m done with being weighed down

My spirit yearns to be set free

My soul wants to dance to a joyous sound

You’ve been waiting to hear from me

You knew I would come around

Thank you for waiting so patiently

Please forgive me for trying to walk my own path

I place my life in your hands

Thank you for catching me every time I fall

It’s time for me to live my life according to Your plans

Father, thank you for accepting my call