Center Stage – hour 2

If you could stand at center stage
Between your future and your past
If you could see both sides at once
Would you take a different path?
And if you took a different path
Just how much would you change?
What if you never made it
To the center of the stage?
What if, on that different path
The footlights all went dark
Your curtain call came early
And you never met your mark?
Or would you just keep walking
The same path you’ve been on?
That made you who you are today
No matter what went wrong?
There’s wisdom in both answers
But tell you this, I will
You’re never gonna find them
If you just keep standing still.
~Mandy KocsisĀ©2021~

One thought on “Center Stage – hour 2

  1. A wise and thoughtful poem – with a wonderful challenge. We don’t know what path we are going to take if we never move at all. I love the choice offered to us in the opening lines of the poem – and the sense of the footlights darkening and the path becoming unknown will stay with me.

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