It’s in our nature
to search for people
quite like us
Isn’t it?
quite naturally
or subconsciously
We seek them out actively
finding our comfort zones
Though with an expanding world
We’ve expanded our circles
Finding similarities
Finding differences
Adapting, adjusting
but still,
But we tend to gather in flocks
like birds of a feather!
So, this means that in all gatherings,
there’s going to be a majority
and a minority
How the majority deals
with the minority
is the story
of every gathering
of every cluster
of this whole world
we call ‘Humanity’!

4 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. This poem gets at the truth of large gatherings/how humanity is a gathering and how there will be division within those connections (a majority and a minority) – I only hope humanity can learn to allow differences and make room for those who connect with one ideal and those who connect with another…

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