My Honesty

My Honesty

I believe the truth always comes out.
It usually does.
The truth has never had to set me free.
I learned when I was young to never lie
when I sneaked ferrets home for pets,
my mom caught me.
I’m not a god liar, keeper of secrets.
Many won’t ask me to keep surprises from people.
Some would feel this to be a burden.
For me, it’s a relief.
I never have to throw surprise parties.
My honesty is my best trait.

Margarette Wahl

2 thoughts on “My Honesty

  1. I love the detail about sneaking a ferret home as a pet. That would be tough to hide. I snuck a pet mouse into my home as a child so I relate. I like how the poem is playful and makes me laugh but also resonates with a deeper message about truth.

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