Sundoggy (Hour Four)



Fuzzy blue arms

fling past my face

whipping wildly in the wind.


With tail wagging,

she drops her blue baby in my lap

as if presenting me with the Hope Diamond,

and stares eagerly into my eyes,

seeking their approval.


I laugh and rub her head,

careful not to neglect the sweet spot behind her right ear.

She kisses my cheek then licks my lips,

savoring the sweetness strawberry soda left behind.


With two fingers, I twice tap my chest, and

she rests her furry red head against me,

so she can feel the pulsing vibrations of

my every heartbeat.


I lean down and bury my nose in her fur,

inhaling that overwhelming aroma that warms me from the inside out,

much the same way as a glass of good wine.


Sundoggy, I call it.


She’ll lay on the back porch for hours, even in the Texas summer heat,

soaking up the sun, forming the fragrance that melts my heart.

She’ll prance through the doggy door, bound into my lap, lower her head,

and let me snort her, just because she knows it makes me smile.

I wish I could bottle that scent and carry it with me

all the places that she can’t go,

so I’d never be without her again.


She listens to my secrets but never dares to share them.

She lays with me at night and calms my fears.

She plays with me and makes me laugh.

She loves me more than I love myself.


Truly, she is my best friend.

My Sundoggy, aka Twinkie

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