A Sonnet of Me

You asked for me to write a song of me
And, humble, I could never think to be
So bold, so arrogant – if even true;
But this is me, and of me, just for you:

I am a soulful one, depths fathomless
To most, currents lost in my soul’s progress;
And, losing most in wand’ring through my life,
I find myself alone, sometimes in strife.

And so, seeking to find a better way,
Farther from culture’s rules, I oft do stray.
I gain more satisfaction, still, than peers;
Tend to stir, unwittingly, human fears

And find myself at odds with consuetude,
Exam’ning life’s and love’s true magnitude –
My mind and heart swelling with all I’ve found:
That love and life and beauty yet abound

When willing parties but dismiss affray,
When expectations we dispel today,
When we let live and grow our hearts’ true bliss,
When we dispense the fear of two souls’ kiss.

You asked for me to write a song of me;
And song I write, a soulful wish to free
My heart, my mind from cloistered walls of time,
Released into romantic seas, sublime!

I love with all my heart and mind, it’s true;
A paradox of love: Many, and you –
Always my heart and soul munificent,
Though I find yet a mind’s predicament:

For, how is one to prove a love is true
When love is shared by many, not by two?
When love is bound by only truth and trust?
When love is love, and lust is merely lust?

A poet’s words can fail when love is lost;
A lover’s words can fail, if you accost
Her alimony, disrespect her way;
So, put aside all fear, let love allay

An uninhib’ted life; let love be free:
I’ve found this truth to be most sensibly
The depth at which I founded my own life;
The base of me: With love, my soul is rife.

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