Flight Talk

Atlanta, London, Greece and back
To London, Boston, ATL
Then, thanks to my friend, C. Black,
We flew to LAX, as well

In all the lands I’ve ever been,
There’s never been a man like you
My birthday-neighbor-lovely-djinn
Unnerving friend; respectful, true

Serendipities may mark my life when trav’ling near or gone abroad:
A banker whom I met in Greece was on a flight with me, I awed.
I met a lawyer, once, for Hollywood; I flew First Class for the first time;
I’ll credit my dad with how we met: I chatted him up in the rapid climb.

There’s something social to airline flights –
In earliest morns or in darkest nights –
With a few, short hours, one could meet
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Yet, in the flights from here-to-there
My favorite trip will always be
One home to you, who simply cared
To meet my flight and talk openly.

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