By Moonlight


The moon held in a glass of bourbon. 

The moon laid down on a canal bed. 

The moon so bright it led you and me home. 

The moon’s face travels across the waters. 

Its spirit is always trained on us. 

Its light thickens and thins, 

but it often hides itself, 

for more than a moment, 

behind seasick clouds. 

By moonlight I remember that old city, 

born of revolution, 

the only light in the sky sometimes. 

All the stars rubbed out. 

I remember us, in its streets. 

Kissing at corners. 

Frequenting the discos, 

so, we could be closer together. 

By moonlight I remember that city 

Made out of cotton 

Cotton streets 

Cotton moon 

Cotton hearts and mouths 

I remember us 

And I drink that full moon right down 

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