Her Favorite Things


Any shade of purple

will have her glee like a little

girl again.

As long as I can remember

she always wore purple.



Moth opposite cousin.

She adored the unique

symmetrical patterns.

Anything with Butterflies

sends her flying and fluttering

with happiness.



Standing on one leg

not losing balance

in the still lakes

that reflect

the bright pink feathers.

They would always catch her attention,

she would wish that she could pet them.



The candy of The Simpsons

The famous saying

“Don’t lay a finger on my Butterfinger.”

She would laugh at the commercials

then crave that buttery crunch.

Her favorite of favorites.


Butter Pecan Ice cream

The pecans.

the buttery flavor


the ice cream

brought out the kid in her.

Her smile became 10yrs younger.

With each bite, her eyes once again twinkled.


Most of all

Her kids 

are her favorite

nieces and nephews,

and grandkids.

She treasures each and every one of them.

4 thoughts on “Her Favorite Things

  1. I loved your chapter on butterflies, particularly the first line ‘Moth opposite cousin’…the picture sprang straight to mind of night and day! Thank you for sharing 🌞

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