History Repeats Itself

“History repeats itself”

Here we are again in

“the good old days”.

Where your fate

is predecided

by a government

that believes in





and non-whites

are being thrown away

in a dumpster

hidden by Wallstreet

and false news.


Lies are now the truth.

So, history repeats itself.


Sacred grounds desecrated

for greed.

Warnings from Nature

are disregarded

and called hoaxes.


Those called

“Sisters in Christ.”

Are lesser than

your green paper

made of a tree’s carcass.


Greed now rules

with ignorance at its side.

We are blind kittens

in a world of hungry Hyenas.


2 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself

  1. I thought this had some really powerful images; I especially liked the description of money as the green paper made from a tree’s carcass. That really gets across a picture of outraged disgust without saying it outright.

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