I’d like to invent

a speed dating event

for doctors.


I don’t have the time

or the energy

or the interest


to invest in the horde who only want me for my money

who, like the true mysoginists they are, say I’m making my issues up

label them as “women’s issues”

prescribe a one-size-fits-all pill.


No – I can’t take more of them than

the satisfaction of looking in their faces

and saying No thanks. Moving on.

One thought on “SPEED DATING

  1. Oh, I hear you! There is such a strong (and weary) sense of ‘been there – done that’ in the opening phrases of your work, but you reclaim it and turn it on its head with the wonderful three lines at the end where you take control of the situation. Those lines work perfectly as run-ons and I want to applaud you for your message to those guys – where you are the one making the decision! Lovely!

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