I am enjoying writing my poetry.

It’s been a while since writing poetry. Oh when we were sheltered in place. I wrote almost everyday.
Now, I got things to do people to see and places to go. So, when I became aware of the poetry marathon. I challenged myself to sit for a full 12 hours and write poetry. I thought it was going to tougher then it actually turned out to be. I think my muse showed up and showed out. I was challenged to use my imagination. Be a wordsmith and articulate my thoughts down on paper to the best of my ability. I am concluding my 12 hour odyssey with two more poems and I feel very accomplished and motivated to “KEEP WRTING! I usually like to write long hand it feels faster to me. However, after typing my poems into the software. I will be creating on my desk top from now on unless my word come in my head while I am sleeping like the like to do somethings. They can be so unrulily at time. LOL I will be promoting this event in other workshops for next year. Everyone stay happy and bless in the coming new year for us poets.

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