A knot in my stomach

a lump in my throat

it’s hard to swallow, sometimes.

those moments that cause so

much anxiety. When you have

the talk you’ve been putting off.

the day you anticipate the news

you’ve been waiting for.
the moment before the surgery. Or

When you find out you’re moving

across the pond to fulfill a dream.

then it gets twisted, like spaghetti being

coiled around the fork.
what you want isn’t always what it

seems to be. Be careful that you don’t

get twisted in the chaos that

lurks, the twisted monster that

wants to see you fail. The twisted creature

that tries to break you. Twisted and coiled like a snake in the grass.
always remember that the grass gets cut down, too.
that abomination tried to get me twisted.

but I took the mower and the blades,

well, you know what they do!
never let anyone try and twist you.

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