She collected people like others collected shells or sea glass. Finding them, often washed up, in places where others didn’t even see them. Like hunters of agates, she’d reach into a grouping and snatch those she found beautiful or interesting, ignoring others nearby.

HerĀ  hair was like a barnyard, chunks of hay strewn to one side, some rusty object projecting out of an overgrown thatch. It looked right and peaceful, though it was a look unique to that one location and one that could not and should not be be duplicated elsewhere.

A sleek hotel lobby best describes her appearance; smooth marble, velvet finishes and something about her reflected light like crystal chandeliers shining off oversized mirrors. There was a mystery to her, like an escalator heading to another floor, an elevator door that might open and reveal something.

Both ordinary and complicated are the words that best define her.

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