Hour 22_ this lone country road.

If only roads could talk, this lone country road would say a lot.

Though the mouth never says everything the eye sees.

For starters, that road was here before we came and it will be here after we leave.

And when you’ve lived ,a long long time ,your experiences tend to accrue.

So for now let me take the job of raconteur and tell you what this road has seen.

This road saw a chain gang of slaves cross over , their tears and sweats plastered on it.

It saw a military convoy on their way across to overthrow an elected government.

This road saw a group of refugees go through in the dead of night all their earthly belongings in a bag.

It saw an impala run across in a panic, a lioness hot on her heels.

This road saw a driver sleep off at the wheel , his flesh and blood was scraped off of it.

It saw a whole family perish at once, the survivor only their dog.

This road saw politicians with escorts roar by, their exotic cars loaded with loot.

It saw terrorists on bikes 200 men strong, on their way to shoot up a church.

This road saw a group of herders armed to the teeth with hostages begging their lives.

This road has seen women brutally raped and murdered and can only look on in pain.

This road has seen roberries and mayhem and carnage, a very silent witness, you see.

If only the mouth could say everything the eyes have seen, this lone road will have much to say.






4 thoughts on “Hour 22_ this lone country road.

  1. I love this journey of a lonely country road it has vivid imagery and open my ears and interest to know what more has travelled this road sense of humour a lion in panic is very creative and a soliloquy well written Ngozi

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