Hour 6 (2022)

This one was still in my drafts lol

I’m Not Sorry

I’m not sorry
for breaking your heart
because you didn’t have one
to begin with.

I’m not sorry
for crushing your dreams
because they were
my nightmares.

I’m not sorry
for leaving you,
you were not a home
but a bear trap.

I’m not sorry
for hurting you
it’s how I survived.

Hour 22 (2022)

Apparently I forgot to post hour 22 here too but posted it on my social media. 😬

A blue butterfly
zigzags frantically
across my vision.
And I wonder why
it flitters so much
when it’s never had
to dodge bullets.

Hour 24 (2022)

Can’t believe I forgot to post the last one

Rest, darling.
I knowyour soul is weary.
You are tired, we all are.
But do you feel that?
The subtle bubble
of quaking inside?
You are about to show the world
exactly what happens
when you fuck us over.
But first rest.

Hour 23 (2022)

In my quietest hours
when I feel the loneliness
settle heavily in my chest,
grief is there, haunting me.
Sometimes it stays
longer than it is welcome.
And other times I miss it
when my chest feels so empty
that I cannot seem to breathe.
So many days,
I don’t want to breathe.
But I do.
I have no other choice,
because grief is a ghost
and so are you.

Hour 21 (2022)

How does one deal
with storm clouds
on the ceiling
when an open umbrella
will just bring more
bad luck?

Hour 20

Let’s have
breakfast in bed.
And maybe later
for second breakfast
we’ll actually make
some food.

Hour 19 (2022)

You cannot burn those
who’ve spent their whole lives
licking the flames.
But go ahead, try.
I am more fire
than woman.

Hour 18 (2022)

Moments of joy
are harder to find these days.
But I’m learning to find them
in small, unexpected places.
Like in rays of sunlight
that are the perfect temperature.
Or in the way a gentle breeze
dances through my hair,
tickling my neck.
Sometimes it’s there
hiding in the quiet
of midday crickets
and fluffy white clouds
that slowly float by,
with no other care.
The harder to find,
the greater the reward.
I just need to look
in small, unexpected places.

Hour 16

You Can’t

It took man
thousands of years
to domesticate wolves.
What makes you think
you can tame my wild
in just one lifetime?

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