Hour 6 (2022)

This one was still in my drafts lol

I’m Not Sorry

I’m not sorry
for breaking your heart
because you didn’t have one
to begin with.

I’m not sorry
for crushing your dreams
because they were
my nightmares.

I’m not sorry
for leaving you,
you were not a home
but a bear trap.

I’m not sorry
for hurting you
it’s how I survived.

4 thoughts on “Hour 6 (2022)

  1. This reminded me of a quote by Nietzsche- “‘Sympathy for all’ would be harshness and tyranny for thee, my good neighbour.”
    Not exactly the same, but both these lines and your poem present the same idea to me.. that sometimes we need to give ourselves priority. If we are only thinking of others, who will think of us?
    This poem has a few really strong lines, I especially loved the second and last stanzas. Really well written ^^

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