8/5/17 8:26pm

Sweet Gaia
Rustling through effervescent decades
She is the spiraling serpent that plucked the apple from the tree
She is the root of the tree.
She is Persephone
Licking pomegranate seeds, her fruit of the dead.
She is unafraid of the dead, unafraid of the underworld.
She is what made Orpheus look back.
It was she
That drew iron tears down Pluto’s cheek.
And then reborn as
Venus spawning from the sea.
She is in the waves of every mouth
a god has ever kissed.
She is in the frail wrist of the fading,
Wading in the tides of dried flowers
and humble offerings.

What of psyche?
What of the personification of soul?
Wraps you up in satin sheets
and eats you whole.
Pours into every vein
Vain like Narcissus,
held in every echo.
Just like Echo, speaking only mirrors of her love.
Gaia, my love.
Pull you into the river to quiver along the valleys,
Gripping talons into the earth.
She is rebirth.

One thought on “Goddess

  1. Ah, you have touched my mythology-loving heart big time with this! I have read it and reread it many times. Foremost, you effectively address so many of the characters/archetypes which have shaped our own world for millennia. I admire how you weave them together. Second, I read this aloud and found lovely rhyme and rhythm without any “sing song” interference. Finally, your posed questions make this piece reflective for the readers, entering our minds with new challenges. This is a lovely poem I’ll return to read again and again as I continue to learn about poetry.

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