Pardon Me

I don’t ask you to excuse me from the claims of proper behavior,

Just pardon me and sign the papers that will release me from prison

And help me find a more welcome home

More alluring than the these four cinder block walls.

I have nobody but my self to thank, you miht say,

On the principle that if you lie down with dogs,

you are bound to get fleas,

Yes,  I could have hung out with different people,

and certainly been suspicious when they asked to hang out

their money to dry in my place.

I have been travelling, in my own way,however.

“How do you do that” you may ask.

I simply check out library  books on travel –

The desire to be elsewhere a common sense among prisoners,

I find a vividly compelling illustration to check out,

and go there in my mind for a time.

I had a summer in Spain,

an. afternoon on skis in the Alps,

or have a NIce day or

a festival in Cannes.

It reassures me to know you wear my picture

in a locket around your neck.

I am depending on you,

and remind you can thank you for getting me discovered,

I’ve gotta run.

They don’t let me jog here

and my posture is poor from the short beds

so I am bent out of shape…..

this prompt helped me create a totally silly non poem

of which I am ashamed


“Welcome home”“Thank you”Excuse me”

“Have a nice day”

“Pardon me”

“How are you

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