Nimru the Shadow Thief

Beware simple merchant traveling with rich wares

HIs price is always right but the cost ensnares

Delicious sweets, gold or bountiful seed

All with foul taint to make a soul bleed

Your neighbors covet and cannot stay away

Everyone withers and falls into dismay  

Their shadows scream and twist into nil

Bent fast to the Shadow Thief’s will

The day after greenish horrid things rise

In the night listen for their sorrowful cries

The Shadowless wander forever bound

Seeking lost shadows never to be found

6 thoughts on “Nimru the Shadow Thief

    1. Hi, thank you! They are rough bios from an unfinished series of shorts. But as you can gather they are inspired from my nerdy days in paper RPGs and video games (undead, bards, cursed items, paladins, etc…) and a bit of East Asian mythology

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