The Druid

Marna closed her eyes and found herself deep in a wintry wood
The naked tangled branches reaching as high as they could
The trees thirsted, their roots parched to the core
A magical drought had left them wanting for more
For a time when sun and joy were abundantly clear
When creatures frolicked and lived without fear
She felt a dark presence threatening the peace
A warlock’s curse that would never cease
Mind focused, she hunted for the hated source
And found him wandering atop his raven-black horse
With an enraged thought she sank deep into his mind
And threw him to the ground and struck him blind
With a cheer, the trees wiggled and sprouted green anew
And the forest sprang to life and a cool breeze blew through
It would never forget the day a young druid avenged it and see it free
Animals squealed joy, leaves rustled happy as far as eyes could see

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