Facebook therapists 7/24

Everyone has a cure
for everyone else’s suffering
and nobody cares
who they’re
Have you tried
this diet, or that one?
Have you tried to go for a run?
Have you tried anti-depressants?
No, not the one you’re on.
You spend too much time inside. Do you ever see the sun?
Take a nature walk.
Call someone to talk.
Do you eat too late?
Eat early, eat less.
Are you managing your stress?
Have you tried yoga?
You should adopt a cat!
Are you seeing a therapist?
Maybe you should quit.
Try some drugs. Oh, you do?
Maybe those drugs just aren’t for you.

Try a vitamin.
Move out of your house,
Get a new job,
It couldn’t get worse.

Stop worrying so much.
Or you’ll end up dead,
The cure to mental illness,
is in this Facebook thread.

2 thoughts on “Facebook therapists 7/24

  1. Angel R – Lovely movement, tone in this poem. “Nobody cares who they’re minimizing. When we don’t listen isn’t this so true! My only thought: Nobody. Someone might, don’t you think. Is there a way for you to say this without the nobody? Thank you for this poem! I work at a Recovery center as a poetry therapist so this poem strikes home!

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