Hour 19 – A Little About Me

I tried to paint a portrait

for you see

mirrors didn’t exist when I was alive

and now alas!

My reflection I can’t see.

So I ask my fellow ghouls

and witches that pass by sometimes

to tell me what they perceive

to help me conjure me.

One said my left fang is crooked

while another complimented my blood-red lips

a troll noticed a tiny mole

camouflaged under my dainty chin.

My eyes, said a poltergeist

were ‘darker than the depths of hell’

but he was drunk (they always are)

was being fresh, I could tell.

My nose is sharp ‘like a Madonna’

said a new recruit, (whatever does that mean?)

while a travelling siren told me

my eyelashes were ‘to die for’.

A Chupacabra said my skin was so pale

he wouldn’t feast on my blood¬†on a bad day

and my neighbor, Wendigo simply

winked, ‘You’re perfect in every way.’

I collected these bits of information and

put together a picture

of a diligent, scary

yet mesmerizing beauty

to whom humans easily surrender.

I like to read and take

long glides across oceans

And I would never ever say no to

the Lily Death potion.

I have met many entities

that seem to tire of Earth

but I love my death here,

of entertainment there is no dearth.

If I have wetted your curiosity

and managed to spike your intrigue

Simply turn off your lights to know more

And call out softly to me.







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