Staying Young with Your Devices

Life is short, especially with computer devices. The goal is not to be left behind for any amount of time, even if you are as old as I am. Once you get behind, turning on your new device will be challenging without consulting with a gaggle of younger people who may not be able to translate for you. The game will up and you will drift into the dreaded realm of geezerhood lost in some 20th century time warp alone and sad. Creating your own rebus dictionary is essential even if you are terrible at puzzles and hate the aesthetics. It is better to learn hieroglyphics than any other language. Standing still as a political statement while admirable will be isolating. Special old age appropriate yoga poses linked to a particular emoji are becoming more popular and most communities offer such classes. Staying up to date with your operating system, whose shelf life is becoming shorter and shorter, should be as important as taking your pills and getting your exercise.You don’t have to follow your computer into senility. Remind yourself that going from rolled scroll to book form was very difficult.

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