“the leafbud straggles forth / toward the frigid light of the airshaft / this is faith / the pale extension of a day” – Adrienne Rich


i can not speak, the

words stay curled, a leafbud

waiting for the sun, my voice straggles

from within, banging back and forth

the reverberation echoing toward

a locked gate, the

the key between my fingers, frigid

aching for light

a warmth i know nothing of

faith is like the

pupil dilated from the shock of an airshaft

the eyes screaming this

this is


knowing that the

sun never sets, becomes pale

yes but in truth is an extension


the moon, a bond, a thread, a

promise, never broken by day


One thought on “tenuous

  1. “the sun never sets”

    Yes. Comprehending this reality requires faith.

    promise, never broken by day — yes, I get it. Not just a promise but a covenant. Another kind of bond.

    I like your imagery and your symbols.

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