Shut up and dance



shut up and dance!


You, there!

You, there, with your belly full of stars:

can you see the path,

the link,

the umbilical cord between you and me made of lightning bugs –

yellow flies –

pieces of stars shattered by baby Thunderbirds

playing ball to keep them from making storms from boredom?


I could follow that trail to you –

the one between us that links us to the steps of the ancestors

and our beautiful beginnings

before we fell from the sky and shattered.


We danced by shadow filled with light so bright

that to hide it would shame all the stars witness to our dancing.


You hold my way to the light as I hold yours

and all our hopes become glass bridges over the Grand Canyon –

only dangerous if we look down.


You, there!

The secret to shadow dancing, then, is to shut up and dance –

with the stars in your belly,

like fireflies,

and don’t look down unless you remember:

I dance with you, too.


  1. L. Elke

© Aug 5/17  prompt 3




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