The block party was beginning to wind down

The evening had long since drew down her curtains into the dark of night

the percussion of frog ribbits moved everyone to a relaxed beat

Steam rose from the remaining still-sizzling burgers and hot dogs on the grill

Fireflies were caught in jars poked lids, carried by the most careful of the children

Stories were shared by the oldest of neighbours. People who had long moved away or passed on to the hereafter were made present again

the ghosts shared a beer and toasted to living

The fireflies called out for help

The gnats came and tried their best

But it was the mosquitos who buzzed and bizzed in everyone's ears

That drew the night to a close

the fireflies were let go, one by one
by the sleepy eyed parent of each child

The grill was extinguished with the last of beer

The block celebrated another night, and the ghosts made their way home

(This isn't done by any chance, just really burned out now, will revise)

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