If I had a Dragon (hour 17)

My dragon is a loving pet

perched atop my castle, yet

he needs not a largish cave

just three-feet-tall

with wings a-wave.


His flames, they warm my hearth of old

and next to me, he heats bed cold

when hunger comes, he does a trick

catch, then kill, and braise it quick.


If criminals should come to call

they’d laugh at him, but then soon fall

his razor claws around their ears

and flee they would, with smoking rears.


My friends all love this purple guy

they travel far to meet and fly

and anytime we want to see

our most favorite country

France, we swiftly soar to thee.


Reality, I’d trade ye any day

to own this wee dragon, and stay

happily flapping in the sky

content to live and play with Fire.


– Sandra Johnson, June 26, 2022






3 thoughts on “If I had a Dragon (hour 17)

  1. This is a truly delightful read. I admit I actually snorted when I read the line – “and flee they would, with smoking rears”… yes, it’s my favorite.. but the image is just so comical! This poem makes me want to have a pet dragon as well.. I mean the benefits! Also, even with the humor, I felt it was heart-warming as well… A great read overall. Thank you for sharing! ^^

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