18. Big Time Sensuality… Synesthia Summer Holiday

The story I want to tell is one I do not know how it ends because it is the story of my life. Some may want to tie up all the loose ends and have everything neat and complete. I tried that and will probably die trying to make the cut, yet in the meantime I take pleasure in the little unknowns that come my way.

The truth is there is so much in between that we miss.  So many moments not captured on film or in picture form. A touch, a laugh, a kind word, or even a kiss. Trust me in this era of technology I’ve tried to capture every clip and I have been questioned for this quip.  I wish I had a baby of my own to love and hold, so I was not judged for my documentarian ways.  The good and the bad I try not discard if I can help it.  Everything has its place and so much can be recycled or given away. Yet those shots we question whether candid or posed are vital when we are trying to capture life in all its glory and its pain. It is what makes us human. We make mistakes and we learn.  I feel we need to document it all so we do not repeat what we detest, or what causes unrest. Perhaps this is my fascination with museums and photography on a whole.

My words, your doodles, I will collect them all.  Can I find a new occupation that will pay me for my attention to detail?  Each time I reread a paragraph  or look at art, I find something new. A nuance, a Deja-vu, a change of tone. I don’t like watching movies more than once, but sampling a book or music I don’t mind a second chance.

Like fashion, why can’t I comment on the whole picture that I see?  I hear the message, but there is so much more to the story.

Let me stage the set and set the tone. I see it all in full color code. Technicolor or black and white there is more to see than meets the eyes. If  only I was truly multilingual.  I would relish in the nuance of tone and dialect. The words, the thoughts, the feel, the notion, the inside and the outside, the positive and negative, the contour and the gesture.

For some it may be information overload, but for me I have the eyes of a hummingbird seeing colors unknown to man and like a dragonfly I see things in multiple dimensions of depth and form. 3D is not the norm 5D is the form that I recognize. Can’t wait to uncover more than meets the eye. Touch, taste, sound, texture, sight, and intuition all speak to me. I sense more than the surface that you present to me. I listen with ears that you don’t see, my hands and eyes see parts that a microscope and telescope cannot catch.  I see life in a plant and I see the image in the stone. I seek depth beyond the perception of the surface that is created to create dissonance. I see the vibrations that most miss. Give me a chance to tune into the frequency that is beyond most human perception.


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