No Longer Forsaken

Come, dust my eyes. Sleep I cannot find.
Swallow the bitter, powdery lumps of violent truth, as night descends.
Fickle favor forsaking me.
Rail against ironies, injustice, isolation, self-pity.
Plead my case on golden streets in vain.
          “Hear I am! Hear me! See me!”


Power, a precarious and fickle wheel of spinning blades,
shanks thrust into every well spring I breathe.
Wielding power, you are deaf and blind, until your wheels spin against you.
But then you will know the same helplessness
every slave beneath you has always known.


Walk, dig, crawl forward into the silver, unearthly orbital light.
Bruised, broken, reaching, striving,
my fingers grasping nothing but the merciless void.
Sweat, bleed, scream in endless, tireless work, that only sends me backwards.
Progress an unlikely dream.


Iron, metallic tears wrenched from within, spilling passed burnt
and blistered lips, draining youth and hope.
I pale in earthly light, but shine in the darkness that hunts me.
Yet no movement forward, no understanding of why.
Loathing stagnation, I curse the ancestral curse upon me.
Fight with hands and feet, with ancient living words, a battle I cannot win.
I see the cloak, feel its weight, smell its sulfuric finality.


Celestial hands, listen to my reason:
Strip me from my molten suit.
Shred, tear away every human frailty,
let me step away from the peeling edges of what can never be.
Guardian… Protector… Champion… Why have you failed?
Let me curl into you, an amniotic cocoon, in the darkness of night.
Hide the garish sun and let there be no light.
Let me fade into you, where I am no longer forsaken.


3rd of 12

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