Bad Dream

So here I am again.
Sad. What’s new?
My dreams are rarely wrong.
And I had one of those dreams last night.
Where the girl in the dream should have been me.
But she wasn’t.

Then he came into my dream. He met someone. And he was so incredibly happy. He updated his status. Changed his music. Changed his profile pic. And all I could do was wish that girl was me. I woke up sad and empty.

A feeling I haven’t had in a long long while.

It’s pointless bring unhappy over something I can’t control. Why give someone else control over my happiness. That’s not on. Only I have that right. Giving someone else control over my happiness is giving them control over my life.

So what if I had a dream. So what if my dream isn’t wrong. I guess at the end of the day everyone deserves to be happy. And mine is taking that much longer. Because when it happens – I will only spend my time enjoying that happiness.

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