Hour 21: Question of Character

Tracy suffered traumatically

after witnessing Brad beaten to a pulp

Kevin couldn’t keep shocked eyes off

the frying pan on the fire

Roger wondered why Wanda looked so happy.

“I just want to die laughing.”

Not all eggs are in the same basket.

2 thoughts on “Hour 21: Question of Character

  1. This made me giggle – thank you.
    I think sometimes we (us writing type peoples) have a tendency to take poetry far too seriously, I know I am very guilty of that and so it is a refreshing change to be reminded that it’s okay to have fun.

    1. I think I was feeling a bit slap happy when I wrote this one. It’s a work of desperation during the final hours. Someone — Roald Dahl (20th century) and/or Joseph Addison (18th century) — wrote this:
      “A little nonsense now and then
      Is relished by the wisest men.”

      Can we be wise women or does that not apply to us?

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