Poetry Marathon Hour 13:

As we have now crossed the half-way point, I have replenished my snacks and water and cold brew – and even though there’s not a prompt calling out to be utilized this hour I feel like I’m at least somewhat human again and honestly that’s the best start to the second half I could have possibly hoped for. And not like any of you asked or anything, but I’m also going to say I’m SOOOOO glad I did a chair swap for this event because my back would usually be KILLING me by now – but I’m actually doing okay. Rajah and I had a random dance party before the start of the previous poem and I’m thinking that might be a good habit moving forward. ANYWAY, I’m searching for a prompt now – let’s see what calls to me…

This is “Houseplant Symphony” from the BlueJay Prompts book I released earlier this year – available on Amazon and my personal website www,sincerelybluejay.com available worldwide at both retailers!


Poem 13:

On Sundays the houseplant symphony

begins in earnest and carries on throughout

the entire afternoon in full force – there is

a certain sort of beauty that comes from a

simulated rainforest in the middle of a desert.


And another very different sort of beauty

that exists only in the strange hours of

noon to five pm on a Sunday in this space

we’ve built for ourselves and each other

and really no one else, although they all

seem to come and go as they please.


This symphony though – the reason we

are even wasting time or breath is wonderful.

Playing the raindrops, rhythmic breath, and

even taking time to let the silence shine as well.

It reminds me that we are all living through something

or living somewhere we do not belong – and yet


we manage to survive. To flourish. And if we are lucky

also to inspire a few more people along the way.

-M. Rene’

SincerelyBlueJay Poetry

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