Apology to the Tree People  

Apology to the Tree People



Took you for granted.

Enjoyed your shade, birds,

green in spring, splendid colors in fall.

Learned about your xylem and phloem,

photosynthesis and reverse Krebs Cycle.

Didn’t think to get to know you.

Your lifestyles, cultures,

preferences, parenting styles.

Didn’t even bother to learn your names:

Aspen, Cherry, Ash, Fir,

Oak, Maple, Cedar.

I’m old now, trying to learn.

Humans are slow, but not as slow as trees.


One thought on “Apology to the Tree People  

  1. Yes!!! I love this poem and its apology to the Nature – the trees! I was lucky enough to have a poem of mine from a few years back accepted into a Canadian anthology honouring the trees: Worth More Standing
    Your words resonated with me and I felt strong emotions as I read them!!

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