Poetic Valkyries and Viking Warriors

375784_2121537601434_1335656884_31913728_1893928340_n“Poetic Valkyries and Viking Warriors”

The little girl stood shivering,

Bottom lip quivering,

So secluded,the


She peers from her purgatory where she has been locked away.

Watching the monsters,

Demons, dragons,

And the fiends of hell,

Dance merrily,

Amusing the devil.

Suddenly, a midst the fiery dungeon.

Murkiness is turned to light.

There are Valkyries and Viking Warriors,

Armed to the teeth with magical weapons!

Slaying the unholy beasts,

They are here to rescue the little girl!

Strong, comforting hands try to coax

The little girl out of her hiding place,

They free her from the chains that bound her,

Oh do please avert your eyes, my beautiful saviors,

Or I will not come out,

For I am ragged and weary,

I do not want you to look upon my ugliness.

Scars have left me disfigured!

Come silly little one do you not see we all are scarred.

The exquisite Valkyries and Viking Warriors,

Grabbed the girls hand once again,

Dragging her into the light,

Banishing the villainous creatures to whence they came.

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