Cunning fox, lithe red form and brave, black bear lead the girl over sidewalk through concrete jungle decorated with a spray can among leftover flora. Or maybe, she leads them.

Hour Nineteen

Memories are nasty things Kicking up dust Settling into corners Sometimes, yesterday Weighs so heavy I cannot get out of bed My therapist says I live In the past, forget today He lacks credibility, though right It’s his talk of religion I mistrust, foul concept…

Hour Fifteen

The steady beep, beep, beep proves I’m still alive, in case you were wondering. Every time the line peaks rest assured my heart is performing her duty. Blood is traveling, pumping through this vital organ– in and out, in and out. The only question I…

Hour Fourteen

Watching my goldfish, I wonder about his natural habitat imagine his gold tail swishing in crystal clear water, mouth opening and closing on exotic cuisine not flakes of brown, orange and green. They say a goldfish has a 30 second attention span. Terrifying idea, that….

Earth 2016

The world is flat with a fence around the perimeter. Braying, mewling people scramble seeking freedom. But no one can be bothered with the gate.


Have u ever never been held by loving arms Heard I love you from your mom Been in trouble with your dad Lived with strangers who claim they’re fam. Have you ever Never been kissed caring hands caress your face A spirit to fix your…

Hour Twelve: Stipulations for receiving

For my last official poem of the day, I followed the prompt. Don’t panic You may feel that there’s not a minute to spare but the moon is not bound by your constraints If you cannot hear her whispers at midnight do not be alarmed…


Be Love is all around u. Light is going to guide u. Be the light of love and shine ur energy so I can feel u from here. Be the force and move my mind body & soul. Be the peace and the calm so…

Attention Attention

Headlines Attention! Attention, read all about it Spot light on, Scene 2-take 23-action!!! Is it all about you? Is that all that you do Can u not be the center today? Can u b with the commoners, Movie star Drama queen Give me space so…


When feet long to wander the only choice is surrender. Slipping home into my pocket I take to the road, gypsy dreams my map and guide. Stopping only when fancy strikes, sustenance comes in the gifts of nature and man, comfort in a fleeting kindness….

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