#8- A Rowling Stone Gathers No Moss

Cupboards and spiders, Screaming and fighting, All of a sudden, I’m eleven, There’s magic. A big scary man and a secret train station, A red headed boy and a little know it all. Four houses to belong to, A talking hat that decides my way,…

#3- The story never ends

I write a story, My mind coming up with thoughts, Stitching them all together, Putting together the individual sheets. I write the story, Finally giving a home, To all the orphaned objects in my mind, Binding the papers into signatures. I write the story, My…

Poetry Marathon Submission #12

“I am absolutely going to find you.” You left with my bag of books. I had testing tomorrow, and you ran off. I took my shower, washed my hair. I made a snack for both of us. On the table it was all set for…

hour 19 poem

Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. Moments in our lives are like flowers we choose to pick up or to buy from the florist s Who sometimes chooses for us Life is sometimes beyond our control. mrs dalloway by v. Woolf

Read between the lines

Touch me, Run your fingers up and down my spine, No room to be misunderstood, You must read between the lines. Wipe away¬†that naughty look! Although you are in love with me, Keep in mind, I am only a book!