Anxious to see you Nervous about the day Goosebumps head to toe as I think ahead Suffering as time all but stands still Tremble because you are in trouble. The good kind


Red heels, body balanced above. Red dress, fits just like a glove. Red lips, seething with lust. Red rubies, slipped in the secret of my bust. Red flag, beckoning. Red silk sheets, decorate our night, into morning.


Spicy whispers, intoxicate the room. A sultry aromatic breeze continues to loom. Candles lit, steamy desires, intense, hotter then any fire. Silhouette should have been her name, oooohhh what a frame…. Silken skin, Worn natural with no shame. Primal intuition yearns to find its freedom. Hungry to be fed. Seeking to be…