Abandonment feels like this Staying out of the reach Of waves. Sitting pretty on the beach longing to mingle with the roaring oceans To be dissolved in eons of life Stay away human You will drown.   Shining neon On a lone road Attracting wasps…

Label Libel

Fat, white, female, cis, disabled, Ace, brunette, short-sighted, labels That describe what you can see; None of them describing me. Christian, signer, singer, writer Chatty, cheerful, up-all-nighter, Things I freely choose to be; Still not quite describing me. Label-space has narrow limits, People cannot fit…

A Special Rose

A flower blooms as beautiful as its gardener foretold. In a garden only of weeds with bold and bright petals. One predicted a flower so magnificent and nurtured ever so gently. Fragrantly tender, sweet as cinnamon rising above lifeless soil of thistles.

Before Darkness

I walk in silence. Knowing what’s coming doesn’t help in the end. Try resisting waste of energy it doesn’t matter once I start my descent. Then the crying and the rage thoroughly convinced it’s not supposed to be this way. All these feelings before darkness…


Compliments hang, speared On subtly barbed comments, Disguising deadly intent. Weave between the lines, Better to be a cold fish Than a terrible warning Prompt: Fishing Form: Sedoka