Elements . Poem 1


Every morning,

And throughout the day,

Water cleanses me,

In more than one way.

It cleanses my body of toxins,

While repleansing my skin and hair,

It hydrates my body,

Better than any liquid out there.



I walk on  the sand to feel,

Home on my feet.

Or lay on the earth

When I feel defeated,

I gaze at the sky

With winder and dreams,

Lost in wonder and life

As a human being.




The wind reminds me

I do not need something to feel it,

It cleanses the earth

While blowing through my hair a bit,

It can help when I am hot

Or even to cold,

The warm breeze feels so nice

As I grow old.



The flame or 🔥 fire

Bring us life and soul,

With no rhyme or rhythm

This element has no goal,

It does heat us

To make us feel safe,

It can burn us, heat up our food

To make us feel great.


All of the elements:

The elements of water, earth , wind


Complete our nutrition needs

And bring us desire,

Water so cleansing

Helps us cook yummy food,

Wind caresses our skin

Makes us feel nude,

The earth reminds us

We are far from alone,

Fire will always reach us more than we know.







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