One thought on “Prompt for Hour Seventeen

  1. Call Cyclops !
    People with two eyes have become blind !
    Have lost their sane mind
    have lost the spirit of being kind.

    They lie, cheat, deceive and rob
    do not leave a single grain,on the cob

    Call Cyclops !
    for he may see
    the cruelty killing and rape
    the guilty making good their escape.

    Call Cyclops !
    he will catch the culprits
    and put them behind bars or
    send them for ever upto the stars.

    Call Poseidon !
    To clean the oceans and rivers
    to save sea animals and food for fishes.

    Call Aeolus !
    To clean the air. purify the
    atmosphere, increase oxygen everywhere.

    All are mythical creatures
    No wonder the world is not getting cleaner!

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