#24- (s)miles Away

Finally where I wanted to be,

Miles away from the rest of the world,

Always running,

The race never really stops.

But pause, it did,

As if the earth was exhaling and letting go,

Time come to a standstill,

Much like the broken clock.

As we laugh for long hours,

Moving our pawns around the board,

Hiding cards to be triumphant,

A movie playing in the background.

The rest of the world,

Couldn’t really enter into our neverland,

This place we created only for ourselves.

Only for happiness and smiles.

No other place I can name,

That keeps me quite that safe,

No other place like a warm embrace,

Like sitting with my parents grinning wide…


4 thoughts on “#24- (s)miles Away

  1. Good ending with parents’ embrace with all that running.

    Where are the other 23.

    Truly impressed. Poetry like golf, whether you got it or not. That is why there is only one Tiger Wood for golf and one Servante for storytelling

    Good luck for a very good future.

    Ram Thukkaram

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