#24- (s)miles Away

Finally where I wanted to be,

Miles away from the rest of the world,

Always running,

The race never really stops.

But pause, it did,

As if the earth was exhaling and letting go,

Time come to a standstill,

Much like the broken clock.

As we laugh for long hours,

Moving our pawns around the board,

Hiding cards to be triumphant,

A movie playing in the background.

The rest of the world,

Couldn’t really enter into our neverland,

This place we created only for ourselves.

Only for happiness and smiles.

No other place I can name,

That keeps me quite that safe,

No other place like a warm embrace,

Like sitting with my parents grinning wide…


#23- Fireflies

The sap greens in the darkness,

Masquerading as black,

The sound of insects buzzing,

Filling the air.

You notice one far off from you,

A sudden point of light flashing out at you.

Within no time at all,

You’re surrounded all around with these little flickers.

You can almost see them move,

Looking like they’re winking in and out of existence,

The sounds of the thunder and the owl,

And the sounds of these little buzzers.

You stand in place,

Turning all around,

Like nature’s Christmas lights,

You can see little shades of green.

One lands on the flower in front of you,

Its little brown body holding on to the petal,

Its antennae moving upwards and downwards,

As its light organ is brought to life.

A bright flash,

Scaring off any predators,

Sending secret coded messages to its species,

And impressing the ladies.

The fireflies lighting up the darkness,

Like little bursts of hope,

All you need to guide you home,

When you get lost in the darkness…


#22- The one with no sleep

No sleep for hours on end,

Inches away from penning an ode on my bed,

Haven’t even risen to stretch and bend,

Typing away with one hand on my head.

My eyes burning, rimmed red,

But I keep going, I keep fighting,

Only a mere three hours ahead,

For me to feel proud of myself, smiling.

I reach deep inside of me,

To remember why I started this Herculean exercise,

A cup or two more of coffee,

To stay up until its time for the prize.

I remind myself of how fun the whole journey was,

And a smile makes its way onto my face,

Forcing my addled mind to stop finding flaws,

In my work, now time to embrace.

I am happy,

I am satisfied,

Ridden with glee,

I pick back up my stride…


#21- An Ode on Reading

Taking me to different universes

My own personal medium of transport

Books whisk me a way leaving nothing behind

Heart of mine racing


I love them so with all of my heart and soul

Reading always makes me feel like I am home

Affiliated with my very being

Peaceful and enthralled


Without reading life is devoid of magic

The sheen and sparkle that keeps you up missing

Mundane, insipid, unimaginative

No use existing



#20-A Walk under the Moon

Perks of being of the female gender,

So many, it addles my brain.

Not being able to take a walk at night,

Just one of the very many.

Do everything in our power,

To make sure we don’t feel powerless,

But powerful, oh I haven’t felt that ever,

Definitely not enough to stroll at night.

Have to look behind my back at all times,

Remain alert, my ears perked for sounds,

The peace of the moonlit night,

Ruined by the chaos of the night.

So I admire the night from a distance,

Looking at the moon’s craters,

Remaining indoors,

Trying to grasp tendrils of power…


#19- Sparkly Grey Sweater

A sparkly grey sweater is who I am most,

Comfortable in the skin I call my own,

Minimalistic colours and smart shades,

With a shine that I carry around with me.

Someone who builds a fort with her books,

And sits inside her pen scratching paper,

Music playing really loud throughout the day,

Occasionally belting out lyrics with the artist.

Someone who sometimes chooses to take up projects,

And pour the whole of my soul into it,

Despises cutting corners or compromising,

The final product having no choice but to reflect my idea.

Someone who takes up too much sometimes,

Making lists and schedules through it all,

Hoping that I’ll find in me the grit to stick to them,

Skipping on sleep and calming myself with shows.

Someone who loves to talk to people,

But still needs to have her own space,

Completely taken by the many ways of social media,

Always trying to find the balance between funny and serious.

Someone who loves animals more than anything else,

Despises judgement more than anything else.

Someone who loves the smell of books and rain,

Whose favourite muse is the ocean and its beautiful shore.

Someone who likes to study rainbows,

Grinning every time she hears thunder.

Someone who names all of her favourite things,

Someone who loves her authors and musicians,

Someone who likes her hair short,

Someone who loves to make a big deal of things.

A person who loves to ask questions,

A person who loves to understand people,

A person who can’t sit in a chair right,

A person who loves to exist loudly!



#18- Online Conversations

Jabbering and yammering,

Talking into tomorrow,

What’s a clock?

I don’t know her!

Laughter echoing,

Through screens and minds alike,

Holding hands up to our ears,

Trying to cut off the piercing noise.

These the only times of silence,

Between hours of conversations,

Talking over each other,

Pouting when you’re not heard.

Chaos to the very core,

Everyone in conflicting moods,

So much energy and connection,

Though one’s speech is lagging.

But if you take a moment,

Just be still and listen,

You can feel the joy in your bones,

The bond stronger than the internet connection!





#17- L (I) FE FOR A/N L (I) FE

Tragedy always celebrated,

In all forms of art,

Pain glorified,

Accepting with open arms.

The fuel behind the artist,

Bringing the art in them to life,

Lives of real people,

In exchange for the life of art.

But what about the tortured,

But still alive,

With no lives to pay,

In exchange for art.

Living a constant double life,

But living in neither places.

In an in-between state,

But at least you’re alive…



BASED ON THE QUOTE: “I stopped thinking about extreme grief as the sole vehicle for great art when the grief started to take people with it. And I get it. The tortured artist is the artist that gets remembered for all time, particularly if they if they either perish or overcome. But the truth is that so many of us are stuck in the middle. So many of us begin tortured and end tortured, with only brief bursts of light in between, and I’d rather have average art and survival than miracles that come at the cost of someone’s life.” – Hanif Abdurraqib

#16- Elephants Can Remember

They say elephants can remember,

Elephants so ingenious,

With their ever present gravitas,

With their power reverberating.

Their trunks so nifty,

They pick things up like no other,

Literally and figuratively,

Heavy and slight.

Smelling water from miles away,

Hardly need a compass,

Always know where to go,

Always as wise as the owl.

Stepping over land mines,

Picking up earthly rumbles,

From their distant brethren,

And when mother earth has cramps.

Hearing trouble from miles away,

Those majestic ears not just for show,

They say elephants can remember,

But they can do so much more than that…


#15- The Road More Travelled

What if I’d said yes,

At every point of my life.

Every opportunity that came my way,

Taking it up without a moment’s thought.

The answer to every question,

That was ever asked of me.

If I’d given in to life,

Accepting its way of course as my own.

Where would I be now?

I have to wonder,

Would I be Queen with royal subjects,

Would I be a killer my knife dripping with blood?

Would I be a philanthropist giving away all I have,

Would I be the person on the other side of the blade?

What if I’d taken the road more travelled,

Would I end up like everyone else?

Or would my ordinary choices,

Set me apart from everyone else?

Simply because no one is normal,

Simply because I myself am not normal,

Though my choices are…


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